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"Stu, I don't know your religion or even if you are religious, but I am and I think what you did for me and my family is nothing short of a miracle. You made so many things possible that would have been impossible to do without your help. You have given me so many memories. Nothing or nobody can take those memories away from me. As my ALS progresses, I was able to go to Florida to my son's wedding. Something I probably wouldn't have been able to do next year. Thank you and God Bless you!" --  Jan and Greg Morgan

"Thank you Stu and ALSGA! You've just made my summer better than I could of ever dreamed. I'm a big fan of Josh Turner and always wished I'd get a chance to see him. Wow... I'm so excited! My caregiver/nurse June reserved two tickets when they went on sale. She said we would pray that I could use one. Prayers are answered Thank you, God, Stu and ALSGA!" -- Sandi Waugerman

"Stu has graciously provided us with a check to go towards the needed van. My husband had to hold back tears, as I showed him the check. We are forever grateful! It had been becoming increasingly difficult for my husband to be out (and he is a people person) for any length of time, due to exhaustion and balance issues. The van will now allow him to have more freedom to go to places without fear or embarrassment of failing. He is so looking forward to enjoying the van and his new found freedom!, his first trip will be to North Carolina, with a friend driving. Woohoo! This will be their annual get together (childhood friends)! I'm so very appreciative Stu helped this happen, otherwise my husband most likely would not have been able to go.  Thank you, Stu! You are truly an angel." -- Cindy Jimerson

"I have to sing the praises of this man, Stu. I was in a semi-state of panic and frustration due to a lack of computer and internet access with the computer that I did have. Email is how I keep in touch with my mom, who has some problems with talking, she lives 2 hours away and lack of access to a car kept me from seeing her. Stu saw my cry for help and answered my prayers. When he found out that my old computer was going to cost hundred's to fix, he said to get a new one that had what I needed and the Guardian Angels would take care of it. Needless to say, I was surprised but excited so I went to Best Buy and found what I could needed.  I emailed Stu what it cost and I got the check today. I've been emailing and instant messaging my mom since I got the new laptop. I feel a sense of relief that I can now stay in touch with her on a daily basis. Sometimes there just aren't enough words... Thank you, so very much, Stu and the Guardian Angels. I couldn't have done it without you. May god bless you every minute of everyday. Peace be with you." -- Linda Scherr

"Greg was extremely excited when I told him the girls and I would be taking him to Maine. This trip will be even more special as Greg and I will celebrate our 27th Anniversary on the 27th while in Maine!! My heart is bursting with excitement and thanks for this awesome opportunity that is only possible because of ALSGA! Many many thanks to ALSGA for making this possible, for Deb, Greg, their girls... and all the dreams you'll make come true !!! (I can only try to understand as I am one of the "lucky ones"... I "only" have MS). Kudos to you, ALSGA!!!" -- Peggy Schearer

"Again I am so appreciative everyday when my daughter is able to take a bath and get out of bed more easily. You are a true hero. ( I know that you hear this often) Please continue to be the angel for pals." -- Linda Bracciott


"We have currently been without electric for 5 days and Central Hudson (our power company) can not give me a time when we will be restored - being on life support means nothing to them! Anyway, this is just a reminder of how much the standby generator is needed by us and to thank you so much for your help in obtaining it." -- Judi Emrich


"It's official. I'm richly blessed by you! The perfect, comfortable, powerful, electric wheelchair was delivered. I can't wait for Spring to get around the block with it." -- Jacki Marshfield


"Thank you ALS Guardian Angels Foundation for the gift you have given Tim, Tim will be able to go to the beach again with his children and family. Pray God's blessings upon you and the ALS Guardian Angels Foundation for what you are doing for these ALS patients." -- Sue Ellen Haas


"Your gift of a power wheelchair is a miracle for me! ALSGA.....AMAZING!" -- Brenda Kay Smith


"I would like to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart! My mother is a truley amazing women and has told me many times she has so much more to live for! Thank you once again I can't even begin to explain how much this means to our family!" -- Tony Karshnik


"We got home Tuesday Stu. Boy did we have fun. First we stopped at Wendy's mom and dad's house last Wednesday. That night we were able to treat them to dinner, then Thursday we went to SLC. to see these people we know. The only way we can find them is to go to the bar that they operate the karaoke machine at. Toni and Gilbert didn't know that I have this disease. O-boy they were shocked to see me. Toni kept crying and telling me she was sorry. Heck Stu, some people just can't handle bad news when they see it in person. We finally got to bed around 6 the next morning. We then woke up and went to see my family over at one of my sister's house. Wendy really had a great time there. She gets along very well with my family. Then Sat. we went to see my brother's club. I didn't tell them Wendy and I were gonna go down there for this month's meeting. They sure were surprised that we were there. The vice-president of the club pulled me aside and told me that now I'm a honorary member of the club. Also that either this weekend or next weekend the entire club is going to ride up here and have a big overnight party. WOW!!!! O-BOY!!!! There will be over 50 people here. I'm kinda exited to have them all here. THANK YOU SO MUCH STU!!! YOU MADE IT ALL HAPPEN FOR US!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm forever grateful to you. I'm forever indebted to you." -- Tony and Wendy Shelton


"There are not too many people like you. It seems as though we have to fight for EVERYTHING whether it be medical equipment, PT or OT. In fact, Joe was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months and we NEVER got a visitng nurse to check on him when he got home - we don't have any "vent certified" nurses in our area. So, it is very overwhelming to come across an organization like yours that is so, so generous and compassionate. God Bless You and all your helpers!" -- Judi Emrich


"Thank God for your organization. In a world where most people know little about this devastating disease, and many don't care, you're a God send and help us to know someone cares. Words will never express our gratitude." -- Anonymous


"Words cannot express how grateful we are for your help and kindness. My ramp was built this weekend and I have been back to work since then. It has made such a difference to me. Your kindness is unable to be measured! You are truly an angel!" -- Lisa and Cliff Bryant


"Dear Family and Friends, Thank you for all your well wishes on Joe's 60th birthday. Many of you know we will shortly begin a bathroom renovation, making it totally handicapped accessible. Because of the expense of this, I decided I would "google" to see if any grants were available to ALS patients. If you get ALS, you better hope that you are poor or extremely rich because if you fall int he middle, you are not eligible for any services. But ALS Guardian Angels are there for us -they don't care that we are in the "middle class" income. I applied for a grant asking for help and I immediately got an e-mail from Stu asking me to call him. In approximately ONE week, we were sent a check! We are so thankful and touched by the compassion and generosity of this organization. If you plan to give to charitable organizations this year, we ask that you consider giving a donation to ALSGA; 100% (yes,100%!) of your donation will go to an ALS family in need. Please check out their website at alsguardianangels.com. All donations can be made in honor of Joe! Again, thanks for all the birthday wishes and God Bless You All." -- Judi & Joe


"I am so grateful for the grant you sent me for my medication. The help you've given me and the promptness of your response to my needs is truly appreciated. To find myself in the situation I'm in and have you offer to help me in any way you can eases the burden I face. Your kindness and generosity are very special." -- Tobi Pincus


"Stu, I just got off of the phone from talking with you and I'm still in shock of how wonderful you are at being willing to help a family that you do not even know without question. I'm so thankful for the help, more than I can say. It's so sad when everything's been taken from you and your only request is to be able to stay in your home with your dog, so I've been trying to at least keep his only wish for him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of Sean and Deidra. God bless you." -- Sue Ellen Wilding


"You have truly given us the GIFT OF CHRISTMAS! I don't know how you do what you do, but we are soul grateful and truly appreciative for this gift. How can I ever repay you for this incredible and generous gift of money that came at a time in our lives when all looked so hopeless? I have felt the need and attempted to be a active and informed advocate for this horrible disease. You are a true inspiration. I hope that there will be a way that I can volunteer with ALSGA to somehow give back the hope that you have given to us personally and to soooo many PALS and CALS! You are our HERO, our Stu SANTA ANGEL! It may be the last Christmas that we have as a Family but because of your generosity, IT WILL BE OUR BEST!! I am going online now to find Christmas gifts for Matthew and Web :] Thank you is so inadequate. With Soul appreciation and love." -- Kay Marie, South Dakota


"I wrote to Stu today and he called me back right away with an offer to send me grant money toward a new van so that Voc Rehab can adapt it for me. I am still in awe. It always seems no one cares whether I live or die. Today, someone cared, and that angel is Stu. Please know how much this means to me to be able to work and have a life, not just an existence." -- Kathy Sauviac, Lakeland Florida.


"We will enjoy two more fun filled days at the parks and enjoy the simple pleasure of being together on a lovely long and festive weekend. Thank you for making my last dream come true. God bless you Stu." -- Rosa Silveira, Miami, Florida


"Stu...I cannot tell you that I never imagined that you would be able to do what you did for my family when I applied for the grant in March. That van sitting in our driveway was a gift from God. Thank you 10,000 times over for caring the way you do and taking the time to talk to my mother about my dad." -- Shannon, Wheelersburg Ohio


"You were there when we needed you and I will carry that with me all of my life. Thanks You :)" -- Katy & Tony, Henderson Nevada


"Stu, I just want you to know how much we appreciate the van and what you did for us. If there is a true angel on earth it is you."
-- Eddie and Shelly , Waterloo Ohio


"Can't thank you enough for the Eyemax speaking devise. I called Jennifer @ ALS and Sandyha @ the clinic to tell them of your generosity...no one seemed at all surprised." -- Dave, Anaheim Hills


"Got the automatic page turner!!! Thank you sooo much! :) I am so excited for Ms. Burgess! Thank you again, I could not have done it without your help through ALS Guardian Angels!"
-- Katherine, Therapist, Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital. Norfolk Virginia


"Thank you Stu and ALS Guardian Angels. Stu called me Friday evening. He has a van ready for Tim that will be coming from Texas to Alabama. Thank you Stu for giving back some of Tim's freedom and independence to him."
-- Lorie


"I would like to say thank you for being there to help us with the stress of dealing with a terrible disease. It is wonderful to see that someone who can help is helping. This disease affects the entire family and everything we do every day. May you receive double the blessings you give." -- Sheryl


"Stu, I would like to thank you for what you are doing for Tim and my family. You will never know how much this means to us and how grateful we are. I sent this to you in an email. I wanted other people to know you are a man of his word." -- Lorie


"Stu is a man who comes out of the blue and helps PALS with anything they are having trouble with. He's a real honest to goodness good Samaritan."
-- Pat H.


"Finally someone who cares about trying to help with no strings attached. Wish there were more generous people like Stu with no agenda other than helping PALS." -- Sharon


"Words can't express how thankful we are for your generosity. You are amazing to be willing to help so many families. If you ever need a place to stay in Saratoga, you are welcome here." -- Kelly


"Wow, your compassion really comes through, even in an email. I think what you are doing is truly amazing. What an incredible person you are." -- Linda


"I have been in communication with Mr. Stu Millheiser and find him to be genuine and willing to help meet the needs of ALS families. Finally someone who cares about trying to help with no strings attached." -- Al


"I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for wanting to help those that need help. You are an inspiration and an angel. There can be so little resource out there and it can be so overwhelming. Just thanks, thanks for caring it means the world." -- Christy


"You are truly a remarkable human being and you will provide an invaluable service to who you help. I can't thank you enough. God will richly bless you for this deed." -- Kathy


"You have given me an incentive to try again for a diagnosis. Surely after 2 1/2 years I will get one now. I can't believe you would help like this. it is so heartwarming. Stu, I just don't know what to say, except thank you. And that doesn't nearly express enough my emotions regarding your support on whatever is going on inside my body. I wish I were more eloquent." -- Beth

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